Georgia Beverly Hills, USA
I have been using Probio-White for more than a year and my skin hasn’t felt this healthy. I feel that my skin is at its best every time I take Probio-White. The product improved my skin drastically, whiter, smoother and healthier. I also felt the improvement of my GI health after just days of using it.
R. Pascual Makati, Philippines
I heard a lot about the product from my friends and I’m so glad I tried it. Probio-White has improved my digestion which is beyond the effect I was expecting. It has helped in removing dark spots in my face which comes with age.
Michelle Miller Los Angeles, USA
I’ve been using KE-99 Lacto capsules for years and saw Probio-White as a new product. I did not hesitate to try the product since I know that KE-99 works really well. I’m glad I tried this. It improved my skin’s tone and I see the dark spots in my face gradually disappearing in just a month.
Fiona Chan Manila, Philippines
I’ve always been looking for a good whitening supplement. I’ve tried a locally available product and it made me gain weight. Probio-White on the other hand has helped me with my digestion problem. Product works great! The first thing that I notice is that my skin became moisturized on just the first week.