Highest Quality

Probiohealth uses ONLY the best quality materials.

100% Made in the U.S.A

Innovative and Unique. PROBIO-WHITE sets the bar for being the FIRST AND ONLY whitening product with PROBIOTICS.



Probiohealth believes that a good, luxurious product does not have to be expensive.

Probiohealth’s mission is to provide TOP quality products at a very AFFORDABLE price.

PROBIO-WHITE is one of the most affordable luxurious, and highest quality products available in the market.



PROBIO-WHITE is Philippines FDA approved.

It is Clinically proven to exert whitening effects in as early as 2 weeks. With 98% of subjects showed visible lighter skin in 6 weeks of continuous use.

The probiotics, Lactobacillus caseiKE-99, has been extensively studied all over the world, including the Philippines, Japan, and USA. It facilitates in the absorption of the whitening Active Ingredients.

PROBIO-WHITE is Clinically Tested and Proven to whiten, moisturize, and improve skin’s condition in 2 to 6 weeks of continuous use.

  • The only skin whitening product which has Probiotics to increase absorption of Vitamins and Nutrients and aid in the Skin Renewal.
  • The Powerful combination of four Effective and potent anti-oxidants that whiten the skin from within
  • With Collagen, it completes the revolutionary combination that gives health, beauty and skin benefits every woman deserves